Jacob and Al's Intergalactic Intersectionality Adventure Part 3: A Personal Take (or..."Are we like pies?")

In Part 1 and Part 2 of our intersectionality series we spoke about how identity and the way it intersects is personal.

So, to explore that, we (Jacob & Al) decided we would have to get specific, we would have to get personal, and we would have to write about ourselves. Part 3 is a conversation between two people who somehow find themselves asking, "Are we like pies?"

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In conclusion, Jacob and Al are not like pies. They, like you, are complicated and unique (and also a bit like a sandwich and a bit like a beach hut).

That also concludes all three parts of our Intersectionality series. Thank you for reading. Remember: mistakes are awesome, today’s sandwich is different from tomorrow’s, leave space for growth, stand up for justice and listen, listen, listen.

Pies Out,

Peace out,

- Jacob & Al

Photo of Al & Jacob

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