Hi, Bi Guy


A column by bisexual⁠ writer Adam England expressly for bisexual guys.

Articles in this series

If you’re a bisexual guy and you haven’t been with other guys yet, the idea might seem a little daunting, for a number of reasons. The reality doesn’t have to be so tricky, however, despite the worries you might have.

Even when you're with a supportive partner, coming out as a bisexual guy to a girlfriend or another kind of woman partner isn't always easy and might feel awfully intimidating. Adam England has some support, help and solidarity to spare.

There are an awful lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding bisexuality. Obviously, these views don’t hold up to reality, and they can be seriously offensive, ignorant, and hurtful, too. With so many pervasive myths out there, it’s always a good time to tackle them head-on and debunk them once and for all. Here are seven pervasive but false beliefs about bisexual men.

When you’re growing up a bisexual guy, how can you come out or otherwise talk to your friends -- be they straight or queer -- about your sexuality?

If you’re bisexual, you might have dealt with or presently be dealing with internalized biphobia. The good news is there are ways to manage and cope with it.