Rebel Well: when everything seems terrible or nowhere feels safe

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Wed, 01/17/2024 - 13:58

This piece is part of Rebel Well: a Starter Survival Guide to a Trumped America for Teens and Emerging Adults.

There are safe places in the world, and there are good things, many within easy reach. Go to or spend time in the safe places. Think about and seek out⁠ the good things you value and love. These are important parts of how we survive whatever we’re struggling with, whether it’s our government or a breakup.

What are some safe places?

  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Places of worship
  • Daycare centers
  • Book stores, coffee shops or cafes
  • Your friend’s house with that family you wish you had
  • Grocery stores, family markets and food courts
  • Embassies
  • Community or youth centers, including YMCAs and YWCAs
  • LGBQT centers
  • Domestic violence shelters
  • Public health clinics
  • Staffed public transit stations
  • Assisted living facilities

What are some good things?

  • Baby animals
  • Cookies
  • Your favorite song you know by heart
  • Street vendors and farmer’s markets
  • Your favorite book from when you were a kid
  • Your best friend (human, canine, feline or otherwise)
  • Cereal
  • Hot cocoa with those tiny marshmallows
  • That the Cubs did win the World Series before everything went straight to hell
  • A blanket when you’re cold
  • Petrichor (both that there is a word for the scent of dirt after the rain and the smell itself)
  • Cooking with friends
  • Your body, feeling alive
  • A wanted hug or hand-hold
  • A nap
  • Otters
  • The best dream you ever had
  • You

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