Well, F*ck Me! It’s a Scarleteen Zine!

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Say hello to our new zine, F*ck Me!, which, like everything else at Scarleteen, is free for anyone and everyone who wants it.

F*ck Me! is a flight of super-helpful fancy that can help you -- or your intimate companions, your platonic⁠ friends, your students, the people who come into your clinic, your younger brother, your favorite cousin, and maybe even your parents -- identify the basics of what you really want and need if and when you want to have  sex⁠ with a partner⁠ , and give you a foundation for clear, candid, and meaningful  sexual⁠ communication⁠ . It's meant for people who are seriously thinking about or already engaging in sex with partners (for our younger users, or anyone who just isn't at this yet but who does want some help figuring out⁠ sexual readiness, this is probably a better fit).

F*ckMe! was created and is written by Scarleteen volunteer (and camp organizer!) Al Washburn, and is illustrated by Archie Bongiovanni.

Like Yes/No/Maybe lists, it's a way to figure out, take, and potentially share, a kind of sexuality inventory when it comes to what you (or whoever is using it) want and need, what works for you and doesn't, what your unique body, mind, and other parts of yourself are like in ways it's important for sexual partners to know about.

For more on what this zine is all about, here’s Al!

I created F*ck Me back in 2017 as a tool for my own sex education toolkit.

I frequently share Scarleteen’s articles and resources in workshops about sex and sexuality, and make a habit to bring a few printed copies of Yes, No, Maybe So: A Sexual Inventory Stocklist with me to my classes and events. What I really, really love about Yes, No, Maybe So is the space that it creates for holistic self-reflection, curiosity, and communication of sexual wants and needs. As someone who grew up feeling pretty shy and confused about my body and sexuality, I never took the time to ask myself what I wanted and felt comfortable with before I had sex with someone for the first time (which would have been really, really helpful).

I’m an amateur zinester, and I chose this format because a) I think it’s important to normalize communicating about sex, and b) zines are all about accessibility. The folded, black-and-white, DIY nature of this type of zine reflects the way that interactions around partnered sex should feel: customizable, full of options, and based on what we individually want and need.

With wisdom and guidance from Scarleteen founder and director Heather Corinna and some illustrations from artist and Scarleteen supporter Archie Bongiovanni, I was able to expand this zine to include more pages detailing consent⁠ and communication, so that whoever fills it out gets to really reflect on how they feel about their own bodies, sexualities, and sexual experiences. With this zine, I hope that you — and whoever you share it with — will be able to look through it and really think about and feel your own wants, needs, and ideals when it comes to partnered (and unpartnered!) sex, and how you might communicate them to future romantic⁠ /sexual partners.

This is by no means a one-shot deal; our wants and needs may change between partners, or even from day to day. That’s why we encourage you to print out as many copies as you’d like (or save paper and use the digital version) to share with friends, partners, and everyone in between!

Scarleteen is here if you want more details, have any more questions or want to talk about anything that comes up for you when you're looking at or filling the zine out. Have fun! Be safe! Love you! -al.

To use the digital version: Open up the attached file at the bottom⁠ of this page titled "f_ckme_digital.PDF" with Adobe Acrobat on your phone or desktop, then type into the open lines or boxes.

To use the print version: Open up the attached file at the bottom of this page titled "f_ckme_print.PDF" with Adobe Acrobat, and then:

  • Choose to print it and select your printer
  • Choose greyscale (black and white)
  • Choose actual size
  • Choose print on both sides of paper, and to flip on short edge (this part's important!)
  • For orientation: choose landscape
  • Click print, fold each page in half, order using the page numbers and enjoy!

Creative Commons License

HERE'S THE FINE PRINT! F*ck Me! is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You're welcome and encouraged to share and distribute it widely, so long as you don’t change any part of it we've made, share or post it without attribution, and it’s given to anyone you share it with in any way for free -- and only for free -- digitally, by printing copies, or both.

One page from the zine, a trauma and sexual history inventory

We understand some people may want to translate this into other languages or adapt the content of this guide in some way to make a version more culturally relevant for their own groups or communities. If that sounds like you, we’re into it, just please contact us via email to discuss it and get our permission first at: effmeATscarleteenDOTcom. Smaller excerpts, with attribution, are of course acceptable and within fair use.

We hope you love this as much as our team does! Want to see our previous zine, Rebel Well: A Starter Survival Guide To A Trumped America? It's over here.

All illustrations are © 2019 Archie Bongiovanni and Scarleteen. All rights reserved.

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