Maggie asks:
I'm a 22 year-old woman. I came out as a bisexual at 18. At that point I hadn't had any sexual encounters. Since then I have had two one night stands, both with men and very little sexual experience otherwise (not even really kissing on nights out). I have no doubts about my sexuality, but I am really struggling at the moment with the amount of friends who are coming out as bisexual or having a lot of same sex sexual encounters.
Claire asks:
At my school many of the girls want to have, or have had, sex. They explain it as if it is an act that declares your love to the world for someone. Someone told me that they would want to lose their virginity before high school and I was a bit shocked when they said that to me. I honestly don't want to have sex until I'm much older and not in high school. From what I see high school romantic relationships don't last that long and I don't want to have sex with someone that won't be in my life for a long time.
Becs asks:
I'm a 15 year old female and my whole life I've been skinny. Recently I've been trying to educate myself about social issues and in doing so I've come across a lot of body positivity-type stuff and most of what I see and hear about is body positivity for fat girls. And I'm totally down with that, like I think that everyone's bodies are beautiful and unique. But since I started high school it's kind of hard to remember that MY body is beautiful and unique, too.
Jaden asks:
So me and my crush and friend were at the beach today and all was going well until her dad (who divorced her mom, her mom could see her that week) showed up and started ruining the whole day. I don't know exactly what happened because I wanted to stay out of it. She started crying (her girl friend was comforting her). Fast forward a bit afterwards, I could tell she was upset by the whole thing but tried to shrug it off. Then I asked her why she couldn't choose to stay with her mom (she is of age to choose which parent to stay with) instead of her dad.
Anonymousss asks:
So im 17 years old and have been dating my boyfriend (he's 18) for just over a year and a half. I will admit we have sex very regularly, about 10 times a week, but the problem is, i dont know how to say no to sex! During our relationship, ive only EVER said no to sex ONCE! And he got so angry and upset about it. Now i feel like i cant say no anymore, and i feel so guilty because i say yes even though I don't want to, and i have to fake my orgasms just so he can get off. PLEASEEE help me, i feel like he will break up with me if i say no to him continuously!!
shinywatermelon asks:
I was sexually assaulted when I was 17. I'm 22 now, the assault left me with an extreme fear of pregnancies. The following day after it happened, I didn't take any EC pills because of what I remembered, no penetrative sex had taken place, yet I started to get really worried, full blown panic attacks, thinking that maybe I did have sex and could be pregnant. I ended up not being pregnant, yet the incident left me with a lot of anxiety regarding sex. I've been sexually active since the last year, and the anxiety around pregnancy always creeps on me.
Arty asks:
I've always been pudgy and although I've always struggled with it I've recently learned to acknowledge that hey! I can look average and I have fairly nice parts. But I have a really large stomach, I mean, I try to eat pretty healthily I don't exercise as much as I should but I know loads of people with the same lifestyle but small stomachs.
annoyed and frustrated asks:
I'm a 15 year old girl, and I like guys. But guys my age rarely have too much experience with actual girls sexually. About a month ago I started talking to this guy, and we texted all the time and we were flirty but nothing super serious. (He's 16). I really liked him as a person and everything, and we have a lot in common, but he wanted to talk about sex a lot and he had a lot of questions?
Sam asks:
So my girlfriend and I have had sex a few times by now in our relationship, but I can't help but feel insecure about myself. I can't seem to let go of this idea that she's faking everything just to get it over with or to spare my feelings. I don't want to ask her about it because I know that she'll be annoyed that a) I'm talking about sex and b) she'll be offended by the question itself. Is there any way I can get past these kind of feelings?
Evelyn asks:
Ever since I opened up to my boyfriend about my sexual history he won't stop talking about it! At first I didn't mind him asking because he was very understanding and non judgemental about it so it made me feel more comfortable with him. But over time he soon became obsessive about it asking me every night to tell him about each experience in detail. He says it turns him on but I find it creepy and I'm worried that something might be wrong with him. I mean I know I wouldn't want to know about his past! I've told him one story but now he wants to hear more.