I've dry humped before and come from it, but have always kept at least my underwear and bra on and my boyfriend always had at least his underwear on too. We didn't go further than that - like we didn't touch each other with our hands down there over clothes or underwear. A doctor recently asked if I was sexually active. Does my experience with dry humping mean I have to say yes to that question now?
Anonymous asks:
I'm a transgender man. I wasn't able to orgasm until a few months after I started testosterone about 6 months ago. Though I've had increased arousal and can now orgasm, I feel no pleasure with it at all. I'm too embarrassed to bring it up to my doctor. The thing is, I don't particularly WANT to feel pleasure with it. I'd rather it go back to how it was before testosterone, where I rarely got aroused and could just enjoy reading erotic stories or looking at pornography without any sexual aspect.
D asks:
I’m 16 years old, and I’ve been in 3 relationships. Nothing serious - no sexual activity or true commitments or anything - but I’ve genuinely enjoyed the company of all three people I’ve been with, and I find myself thinking back fondly on memories with them. None of the three relationships have ended badly. Yet. Currently, I’m still in my third relationship, but the statement is the same: something is seriously wrong with the way I’ve felt about these people.
kate asks:
My partner never initiates sex. When I ask why, he says it is because I don't orgasm during sex with him. I am always the one who initiates and only do so like 2 to 3 times in a month. Sometimes I am turned on and at other times it is just because I need to feel loved and wanted. But I find it weird that I am always the one who initiates and after sex he gets to call me a "pervert" although I never climax and he always does. I also don't feel very much loved or wanted when I am always the one who starts it and get called a pervert because of it.
actually bi asks:
I’m an almost sixteen year old bisexual girl. My sexuality took me a while to come to terms with, but I didn’t fully realize it until this year, after I broke up with my first boyfriend. It’s been quite the ride, from horribly puzzling feelings about my ex best-friend to weird thoughts and dreams that made me feel wrong, especially since I live in a conservative household. I’m still not out to my parents, which is a massive challenge, but I’ve talked to several trusted adults about my feelings.
Hayley S. asks:
Hello! Scarleteen is my go-to site when I have any questions about sex, and it’s helped me a lot, so thank you very much! Lately I've been going through a situation that is messing me up, and I'd like to ask for advice. I've been dating my boyfriend for 6 months. From the first night I met him, we had an amazing sexual chemistry and we wound up in bed together after every date. We didn't have intercourse for the first three months because I wasn't ready, but we tried a lot of other sexual activities and always had a great time.
Just Doing My Best asks:
My boyfriend and I have been together for several years, and I feel like generally we have a good sex life. When we first started, I faked a lot of orgasms, because I often wasn't getting enough natural lubrication to finish, a lot of which I think is because I'm on the pill. I eventually admitted it to him (based on advice from this site, actually), and it was rough, but we talked it out, and eventually got back into our groove with our sex life.
I. asks:
I've always had high standards. Really high. Some of my friends used to agree with me, but when it came down to it they lowered their standards and went on dates with people they wouldn't have previously considered. I didn't. For a few reasons: after a few failed relationships in middle school (in which I hurt my s/o pretty badly for a middle school relationship), I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't date someone unless I felt like it could be a mutually beneficial relationship. I didn't want to hurt someone again like that.
Miss N asks:
I'm a Catholic. I have had sex with my boyfriend and intend to keep doing so. The problem that arises here is my beliefs. I was supposed to have waited until marriage and now that I haven't the 'punishment' is that I'm not permitted to receive the Body of Christ during Mass because I have committed a grievous sin in Christian beliefs. The only way to absolve the sin is to confess through absolute repentance for it but that's the dilemma. I don't feel guilty about having done it!
R asks:
I am a 17-going-on-18 year old bi girl, in my senior year of high school. I, like many people, do not fit the stereotype of a bisexual teenager- I dislike excessive attention, I am attracted to few people (just of a wider variety) and have no dating experience. Because of this, I have not come out, except to two of my closest friends, one of whom is pan themself. I can't help but feeling that people's ideas about bisexuality will lead them to make inaccurate assumptions about me, and give them the wrong idea about who I am as a person.