Slow Yo' Roll

Hi, I'm 15 years old and I have 2 questions. In school, at home, and a lot of the time I have an erection, is that normal? And also, when I masturbate, I ejaculate really soon. How long will it take for me to last long?
Jhames replies:

It just so happens I have 2 answers, so this is a win-win situation.

1. Having an erection is perfectly normal, your body is simply responding to what your mind is processing as sexually stimulating. Unfortunately, you may find yourself having an erection when it's neither convenient or appropriate, such as being in class and finding yourself having to stand up when you're already standing straight in your pants. You'll be able to control your erections better as you focus a stronger connection between your mind and your body; this is a learned behavior that takes time. Until then, I suggest using the "cold" method to help reduce unwelcome erections: picture Margaret Thatcher naked. Think of something or someone that you do not find sexually appealing in any way, shape or form, and hold on tightly to that image when you have an erection. You should be able to tame the tiger in your pants rather quickly.

2. If you come too quickly when you masturbate, you can practice what is commonly known as "edging". Essentially, you masturbate just until you feel yourself about to come, then you stop masturbating and start up again after a few minutes. Take yourself to the edge, so to speak. By holding off ejaculation, you're able to prolong masturbation. Try it a few times and see how long you can prolong masturbation - practice makes perfect - you can extend your enjoyment based on how long you want to wait until you come.

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