• Adam England

When you identify as queer but enter into relationships with heterosexual people, or those with of a different gender to your own, it can feel odd to consolidate these two parts of your identity. You’re not straight, but society can perceive you that way – where do you fit in, exactly?

  • Sam Wall

To start off with, I can assure you that you're not the first person to be in this situation. So you don't have to feel as though you're the only straight person traveling in queer circles who's ever felt uncomfortable with the way straightness is discussed. And believe me when I say the advice I'm...

  • Mo Ranyart

It is absolutely okay to watch Crazy, Stupid Love (which is actually mostly about men in the first place!) or any other "chick flick" or romantic comedy that catches your eye or interest. Some types of movies are marketed more towards men or women, but that doesn't mean people of other genders can't...

  • Heather Corinna

Do you think you or your friends are too young to know if you're straight? Hint: there's actually no right answer to that one. If you say yes, people at 14 can know they're heterosexual, then it only makes sense to posit that if a person can know they are one orientation at that age, they can know...