Straight for Equality


(from the website:)

Straight for Equality is a national outreach and education project created in 2007 by Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) National to empower new straight allies who, unlike a more traditional PFLAG member, don’t necessarily have a family connection to the gay⁠ community.

If you’re one of the roughly 8 in 10 people who can say, “I have a gay friend (or coworker, or acquaintance)” this is the place for you.

Straight for Equality provides information and resources that will help straight allies understand their role in supporting and advocating for gay, lesbian⁠ , bisexual⁠ and transgender⁠ ( GLBT⁠ ) people. PFLAG’s work with parents and families over the past 40 years has helped us learn that there is a coming out⁠ process for straight allies. This process requires support and resources if allies want to move from just feeling supportive to actively being supportive. The personal stories of how and why people come to support equality for GLBT people are a significant advantage that straight allies possess, and we’d love to help you learn how to share that story.

We’re not talking about major political protests (although that's certainly an option) but the tiny everyday changes and conversations that can raise awareness and challenge assumptions and stereotypes about LGBT⁠ people. We don’t demand allies to be totally ‘there’ on all issues and you don’t have to know everything about statistics, national legislation, or state-wide ballot initiatives to stand up for equality and fairness. We just ask that you be willing to learn more and speak up when you have the chance.

We’re here to be sure that all straight allies have the opportunity to share their strong and powerful voice in support of equality.

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