Penis bends to the left.


When my penis gets hard it bends to the left so like my head points left instead of straight: is this normal? If it is not can I fix it? If I can fix it how?

Hey Anonymous,

On a personal note, when I was growing up I was really, really freaked out⁠ about the way I was shaped. Enough so that I was almost panicky the first time anyone else saw it! It turned out I was way more worried than I needed to be. Turns out that normal erections bend in all different directions -- left, right, up, and down. In fact, it's more common to have at least some curve than to have absolutely none.

Now if it's just started to bend, if it bends REALLY profoundly, if it's painful, or if you notice any unusual knots or swelling on the one hand, or if it's really bent so much you can't comfortably have any kind of sex⁠ on the other, then you should talk to a doctor about it. But chances are you don't need to.

Note: I spent a little time just now searching the internet for medical websites that deal with bent penises. They often start out with something alarming (doctors, after all, focus on illness and injury) but they usually end with something like "Many men with [whatever] will not require or desire⁠ treatment, and will enjoy very satisfactory sex with their rather unusually shaped penis⁠ ."

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  • Jacob Mirzaian

Hi feministconundrums,

Genital sensitivity -- and sometimes sensitivity of some other body parts, too -- is common for many people after orgasm.

The length of time after an orgasm that it can or does last varies from person to person, experience to experience and it can often vary with age too.