We had sex for 10 seconds; am I pregnant?

I am a 15 year-old girl and me and my boyfriend started to mess around. We ended up having sex but only for a few seconds, seriously, under 10 seconds. I know it wasn't a lot and I've read some of your other answers to others so I do know that even if it's short there is always a risk; but I honestly want to know what the chances are of me being pregnant from such a short amount of time of sex. I want an honest answer. Not just something you think you should say to scare me into using protection. We are both scared and will never do this again till we are older. I'm sick of worrying and just want an honest, straight forward answer. I've been having most of the same signs of having my period, but I've read that that could also be signs of pregnancy so I don't know what to think. Please help me. Thank you.
Hollie replies:

As you know, with any genital contact there is always a risk of pregnancy. According to our article What's the Risk? Easy Pregnancy Risk Assessments, intercourse without ejaculate gives you a low to moderate risk of pregnancy. If it's been less than 120 hours since this risk, you may want to consider Emergency Contraception.

Is there a reason you have not been using protection? Condoms are relatively cheap and easy to use AND they protect you from pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

You and your partner are at much higher risk for STIs than you are for pregnancy. If you AND your partner have not yet been tested for STIs, you need to do so now and you need to use condoms for ALL genital contact until then.

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