Two weeks without my BCPs?

I have been on birth control (ortho-cyclen) for the last 4/5 months. It has worked wonders in helping regulate my period, which is the main and practically sole reason I am on it. Now, my parents do not know I am on it because I chose to go to Planned Parenthood to get it. Now my mother wants me to go to a gyno and be put on birth control because she thinks I still have irregular periods. Works out great for me... I dont have to pay for it anymore, and she will then know I am on birth control. My problem is, is that I can not get an appointment until after I am already out of my birth control... which means I will have to come off of it and possibly be put right back on it 2 weeks later. Is that safe?
Heather Corinna replies:

There's no danger in going off the pill for a couple of weeks and then going back on, though you should just expect some irregularity in your withdrawal bleeds for a cycle or so. Might not happen, but it -- or some spotting -- also might.

Know, as well, that you have a right to privacy from whatever GYN your mother takes you to see. So, if you know the pill you're on is the one that is working for you, know that you can -- alone in your doc's office -- let them know you are already ON a BCP, and would like to have that same one continued. Should your mother want to be in your exam with you, know you also can ask the nurse in advance to ask your mother to leave that examination room so you can speak candidly and privately with your doctor.

Too, if you are using it as a sole form of birth control, just know that for those two weeks and then the whole first cycle of pills once you start again, you'll want to use a backup method of birth control to be safe.

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