Can dry hands = pregnancy?

Could you still get a girl pregnant if you had dry precum on your hands and then fingered her? I was sure my hands were dry but I'm still worried. I urinated a few minutes before I fingered her and I can't remember clearly if I had washed my hands, I'm worried because I MIGHT have a bit precum in my pants and have accidentally touched it. It has been 2 weeks and she had her normal period for the last 5 days. I really want to know if she could get pregnant by this. I'm also worried about her too...I'd really appreciate your help...
Sarah replies:

Sperm are pretty hardy, but they're not superheroes. It is unlikely that they would survive a move from the inside of your pants unless your hand was literally dripping with pre-ejaculate. If your hands were dry, then it is pretty safe to say that there is not a pregnancy risk from the contact your described.

It is clear from the tone of your question that you really do care about yourself and your partner. It really would be best (as with all things sexual) to act on that concern BEFORE anything happens rather than having so much stress afterward. Thankfully, preventing these types of worries are really easy! You can make sure that you wash your hands after you touch yourself and before you touch her. Hand washing is an even better idea because it will help protect her from picking up any kind of infection during manual sex (remember that even if you haven't touched your genitals, hands typically have lots of bacteria and nasties on them period). You can also use latex gloves and lube during manual sex. Not only will that make things smoother and more comfortable, but it will also allow you to change to a new glove anytime you have a concern. And of course, if you have really significant concerns, the very best bet is to step back and abstain from sexual activity until you reach a point where you both are comfortable that you can handle the associated risks!

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