• Heather Corinna
  • Isabella Rotman

Everything you'll probably ever need to know about safer sex barriers, like which to use, how to use them, how to get more comfortable with them, and how surprisingly cute they are.

  • Laurel Isaac

When I started having sex with girls, there was no one cheering, especially not encouraging me to have safer sex. But over the last few years, I’ve finally begun to feel confident with safer sex, and it’s improved my sex life a million percent. I wish I’d gotten comfortable with it sooner.

  • Susie Tang

With any kind of manual sex, there's always a chance of abrasion. You can reduce this risk by wearing a latex glove or finger cots (they're like condoms for your fingers), then applying water-based lube. This combination covers your fingernails, and it provides extra slickness so you won't chafe her...

  • Sarah Riley

Sperm are pretty hardy, but they're not superheroes. It is unlikely that they would survive a move from the inside of your pants unless your hand was literally dripping with pre-ejaculate. If your hands were dry, then it is pretty safe to say that there is not a pregnancy risk from the contact your...