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We are just two months away from our twenty-fifth birthday. That’s right: twenty-five freaking YEARS of creating and providing queer, radical, inclusive, accurate, and accessible sex ed, which we intend to continue doing for many years into the future!

But that future is not guaranteed by our dedication and determination alone. In fact, without your help this month , we’re sorry to tell you that we’re going to have a very hard time sustaining the organization, website and its services as they are now. None of us want that, so let’s do something about it!

If you’re thinking “Say no more, I’m ready to become a donor right away ” you can click here to start a recurring donation. Otherwise keep reading and let us tell you about our epic raffle .

Firstly, it starts now: right now!

Thanks to a collection of truly awesome people, and the 60+ prizes they’ve generously donated, we are able to offer a...