Supports For Trans Youth (And a Few Words for Everybody Else)

As you probably already know, there is a wave of horrible legislation that's been moving through the United States with the aim of banning trans youth and trans folks of all ages from accessing everything from sports to life saving, gender⁠ affirming care.

To all the trans and nonbinary⁠ young people out⁠ there: you deserve so much better than this. But we live in a world where certain people with bias, including people in positions of power, have decided to target you as a result of their bias. Please know that we at Scarleteen will always affirm your identity⁠ and stand up for you and your right to live wholly and without fear, but we also understand that right now, things can feel pretty dang awful and unchangeable. You deserve all the support you can get.

Here are a few resources to start with if you need support right now:

And hey, adults⁠ ? Especially cis adults? Now is the time to step up and do whatever you can to push back against all this transphobia⁠ . Trans and otherwise gender-diverse folks, kids and adults alike, are doing amazing work to advocate and care for each other, but it can be exhausting to feel like you're fighting alone against people who want to debate your right to exist.

There are lots of ways to help. I've rounded up a few that can help get you started.


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  • Sam Wall

Maybe you’ve noticed: there’s been a shift in how people and movements that are anti-trans present themselves. I’m going to go over some of the clues that a resource or person’s only concern is directing people away from trans-affirming care and towards harmful, anti-trans spaces or approaches.