Hey Indie Sex Educators! We're Making Our Sundays About You!

Scarleteen came from self-taught, DIY sex⁠ educators making everything we did on our own, without help or support from existing sex ed structures, organizations or even many resources to work with. What help and mentorship we had came from other self-taught educators. Truth be told, some of the rare existing sex ed organizations there even were at the time when we started either pretended we didn’t exist or were outright crummy to us.

We know exactly how hard it can be to DIY (well, hello ramen, space heater bills from hell and three jobs!), and how much harder still it can be to catch some visibility when you do. We are still as ever, all the way here for homegrown, grassroots, sex ed. We want to help you out⁠ .

Welcome #IndieSexEd, our new Sunday social media spotlight…on you!

What’s this all about?

We'll keep it short and sweet!

On Twitter, Instagram and/or Tumblr, starting this Sunday and from then on, we want to help you DIYers out there promote yourselves. On Sundays, we’d love it if you made a post where you promoted yourself and your work and tagged it with #IndieSexEd. You can make it as short or long as you want, thread it to include more information (or not), link to whatever you’d like (but see below for a caveat). We’ll use our platforms to help you get more visibility by bumping up some of these posts on those Sundays, and will feature some in a monthly blog roundup of those that caught our curiosity and our eye.

Just a few basic rules!

  • independent educators and indie orgs only, please!
  • please don’t use it to try and sell things like supplements, entertainment, sex toys, or anything else that isn’t you being an educator/providing education
  • in any visuals, cover whatever body parts the given social platform has a cow about so we don’t have to worry about it (we think it’s ridiculous, too, but we also need our media accounts, alas), and otherwise follow that platforms rules
  • Be supportive of each other!

We'll help you get started this week by shouting out some of our favorite indie educators we already know about, just in case you feel shy or fuzzy about what we're suggesting here. It's been a long year and change. We understand!

We look forward to finding out about -- and helping other people to find out about -- all of you soon!