Being Seen, Cared for and Empowered AF by Feminist AF

Cover of Feminist AF, with three powerful, colorful WOCThis book, from founding members of the Crunk Feminist Collective, was such a breath of fresh air and unlike anything I've read before, in a great way.

From the introduction I felt seen, like this was talking to me--teen me, adult me, past and future me.

Through all my phases of self discovery and learning to be a feminist as a teenager and young adult, I never had someone tell me it's okay to be loud and rowdy, to be gender⁠ non-conforming, to rock my natural frizzy curls and be openly sexual⁠ --especially as a WOC. I would've learned these things way earlier in life if I had Feminist AF in my hands.

There are some extremely important takes in the book, such as the ways society makes girls invisible by featuring bodies that are thin, cis, white, and able-bodied as the symbol of beauty and health. Validating girls' experiences with feeling invisible is crucial in helping them love themselves, because they realize they are not alone and they are not the issue. The book is also easy to follow and engaging with movie and playlist suggestions, external resources, checklists, and advice column/FAQ style sections.

All in all, Feminist AF leaves you feeling empowered and cared for; like you have three badass, supportive big sisters -- Brittney Cooper, Chanel Craft Tanner, and Susana Morris -- to guide you through a journey of discovering what feminism means to you and how to be comfortable with it. Oh, and to hype you up along the way, of course.