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  • Mary Maxfield Brave

I’ve changed dramatically because of this place that never insisted I change. This place where it didn’t matter how—or even if—I was sexual gave me sexuality as something I could live. Sex became something I could know about, talk about, do, enjoy and choose. My body became livable. Imagine that.

  • Hanne Blank

We had the means to help, and the motivation. So we did. But we didn’t want to provide just any old sex ed, or to cut-and-paste other people’s content. We wanted to do it better. It was important to us that the sex education we offered be as real as we could make it.


More and more, new users come to Scarleteen reporting experiences of bullying and other forms of harassment online or in their offline lives. Often enough -- and understandably -- users new to the site will feel fearful and wary that they might experience that here, too, especially since we address...

  • Lena

I am glad to hear that you and your boyfriend are happy together. Finding a great partner can be a rare and wonderful occurrence, regardless of age! I have been mulling over your question for a couple of days and have a few thoughts to share. I will start by saying that I support your relationship...


Looking for something specific? Start with the search function, right here. Enter your query, like, "pain with sex," or "penis size" or "bumps on vulva" or "relationship troubles," and click the button that says "search." You will be given a list of articles, advice answers, blog entries and other...


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