Scarleteen Pride 2024

Scarleteen's online Pride celebration is here! 

Today, June 28th, from 9 AM to 9 PM CST, we'll be bringing you great reads, fascinating histories, and chances to connect with other queer⁠ and trans folks!

We’re focusing this year’s Pride celebration on Queer Care. On top⁠ of being something we've provided during our quarter century as an organization and service, queer care is the backbone of so much of queer history, culture, and community. 

We're also inviting anyone who's curious to come by any of our real-time direct services — our boards, text service and live chat — all day today, too. Want to experience the kind of education and support our users receive? Get help as a parent or caregiver? Maybe you’re a sex⁠ or general educator yourself who wants to find out⁠ more about what we do and how we do it, or get help finding some of our content for your own teaching. You can also pop into any of our services just to say hi! Our message boards and text line are always open 24/7, but for Pride, our live chat service will also be open and available all day long!

Here's what's coming!

9 AM CST: An AMA on our message boards and Reddit with Scarleteen queer, autistic, trans/non- binary⁠ , ace⁠ -spec, and kinky⁠ volunteer Ellie. These AMAs are both a chance to get to know the folks who make Scarleteen great AND a chance to just talk with a diverse array of other queer and trans folks, something it's not always easy to find in person. You can also listen to our mix for this year's Pride while you do on Spotify or Apple Music!

10 AM CST: Check out our Instagram for a mini-history on pioneering activist Simon Nkoli.

11 AM CST: Our queer, agender⁠ , disabled and relationship⁠ anarchist founder, Heather Corinna, will be on our message boards and Reddit for an AMA! You can also come chat with us on Bluesky about what Queer Care means to you.

1 PM CST: Join queer, genderfluid Scarleteen volunteer Kier on Reddit and our message boards for an AMA! And hop back over to our Instagram to learn about gay⁠ imam, Daayiee Abdullah.

3 PM CST: Come chat with pansexual⁠ , autistic, queer and BIPOC Scarleteen volunteer Sofi, on our Reddit and message boards!

5 PM CST: Swing by an AMA with genderfluid, bisexual⁠ Orion, our youngest volunteer, on Reddit and the boards! Then check our our mini-history on Sue Willis!

7 PM CST: Have an, after-dinner AMA with intersex⁠ , queer Scarleteen volunteer Cat on our Reddit and message boards.

8 PM CST: Learn about the groundbreaking film "Different from Others" in our reels!

We can't wait to see you all there!

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