• Daniel Hall

Dating apps are part and parcel of modern life. Those marketed to the LGBTQ+ community are particularly handy if you don’t have a conventional way to meet others with whom you identify. But I feel like spending so much time using apps twisted my perception of what a whole relationship should look like.

  • Jamie J. LeClaire

When it comes to sex and dating beyond the binary, not only are we given no blueprint, no representation, and no guide whatsoever, but we’re also working against the heteronormative messages we’ve all been indoctrinated with by media and culture from birth. Here are five ways I’ve learned to safely and creatively navigate dating spaces as a nonbinary person.

  • Sam Wall

I'll be honest, Tre: dating apps can be a great option for some people, but you're far from the first person to come to Scarleteen brimming with frustration over your experiences on them. While they can put us in the orbit of cool people who'd we'd otherwise never meet, they can also pressure us to...