The Audre Lorde Project

The principles guiding the work and development of The Audre Lorde Project as a progressive organiztion seeking social justice⁠ are as follows:

Recognizing the full diversity of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, and Transgender (LGBTST) people of color, and our collective histories of struggle against discrimination and other forms of oppression, the Audre Lorde Project has been established to serve as a home base that LGBTST peoples of African / Black/ Caribbean, Arab, Asian & Pacific Islander, Latina/o, and Native/Indigenous descent can use to organize, support, and advocate for our diverse communites.

As such, ALP seeks to work with LGBTST people of color organizations and communities across differences of race/ethnicity, culture, gender⁠ , sexual orientation⁠ , age, ability, and life experiences (e.g. class, immigration status, HIV⁠ serostatus, health status, etc.) in order to develop and implement culturally specific and effective programs and services reflecting the needs of our communities.

Understanding that services and organizing efforts are most successful when they involve the communities served, ALP is committed to creating and supporting decision-making/ organizational structures that are representative of our communities.

Believing that competent skills and expertise in LGBTST people of color communities exist and are often underutilized, ALP seeks to support and promote the work of existing and emerging LGBTST people of color organizations, as well as the efforts of LGBTST people of color cultural workers and activists.

Understanding the historic role of sexism⁠ that has negatively impacted all of our communities, and recognizing that women’s leadership continues to be de-valued and discouraged in broader LGBTST organizations/communities, ALP strives to use anti-sexist practice while supporting and promoting the active participation, leadership and perspectives of women throughout its structure and work.

Finally, as an organization seeking social and economic justice for all peoples, ALP is committed to promoting multi-racial coalition-building, advocacy and community organizing activities among LGBTST people of color, and with allies in struggles for equality and liberation.

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