What if he cleans off the condom?

What if your partner uses a condom, ejaculates in the condom and cleans it off with a cloth 5 minutes after he has sex with you. Can you still get pregnant?
Susie replies:

If the condom does not tear, slip or fall off, then it has done its job of holding all the semen in, thus keeping it out of your vagina. If this is true, you should be protected against pregnancy.

However if he waits 5 minutes to withdraw his penis from your vagina and remove the condom and clean up, then his penis probably went flaccid, and the condom could have leaked out the ring or slipped off. If this is the case, then the condom failed and may not properly protect you against pregnancy (and STDs).

But if he pulled out while still erect, if it was 5 minutes after sex when he started to clean up, if he wasn't near your vagina, then you should be okay.

For future reference, you should both be very familiar with proper condom use. Read about proper condom use in Condom Basics: A User's Manual.

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