Semen in eyes

My boyfriend and I just had manual sex,and after arousing him..his ejaculate shot into my eye by mistake. Can this cause an infection? My eye is very red and is paining badly. What do you suggest I do??
Heather Corinna replies:

Ideally, after something like this, you'd want to flush your eye out with a lot of water, as an immediate measure.

But more ideally, you don't want to get semen in your eyes. That absolutely poses a risk of infection -- as well as hurting like nobody's business -- including sexually transmitted diseases. So, if you're going to be that up-close to a penis during manual sex where it's even remotely possible semen could get in your eyes, you'll want them to be wearing a condom.

I'd suggest you be sure and follow this up with a visit to your doctor, especially if you and your partner aren't sure about his STI status (and by sure, I mean, have a copy of his recent test results in your hands), and/or you have any continued pain, swelling or drainage from your eye.

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