Masturbation and health

My name is Madhu. My age is 23 years. My question is I have been masturbating from 17 years means from 17 to 23 years i masturbated. Means 6 years I had done masturbation. Is it true masturbation spoil or damage health physical? Because my body looks like a 60 years old body. Day by day my body muscles are damaging and I am becoming thin. Is it true or not. Please give me some suggestion or any other probelm also cause this type of health damage. Thank you
David replies:

Hello Madhu,

The symptoms you describe are not caused by masturbation! If you are experiencing those health problems, and since they're not caused by masturbation I think it's very important for you to try and get checked by a healthcare professional.

I know in some cultures, including England and America in the early 20th Century there was a strong tradition associating semen with health and therefore associating masturbation with "depleting" semen and therefore "depleting" health but it's just not true. There's nothing wrong with masturbating.

For that reason I'm worried that fear of being "found out" for a false illness might be keeping you from getting treatment for a real one!


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