If we only have sex for 15 seconds, can i still get pregnant?

my period is due any day now. and about 10 days ago me and my boyfriend were fooling around, and he put his penis in me only for about 15 seconds. i know there is sperm in pre cum and thats why im scared. is there a big chance i could be pregnant from that? he's not very worried.. but i am. i havent been getting as many signs for my period as i usually do.. and i should be getting it in the next 2 days. im just worried, but since it was only for about 15 seconds i dont know if theres a big chance. please help!
Hollie replies:

For of all you need to understand that the length of time you have sex has nothing to do with your risk of pregnancy. It doesn't matter if it was 15 seconds or 15 minutes; it doesn't matter.

If your partner did not ejaculate, your risk of pregnancy is pretty low. Your risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is much higher.

If your partner DID ejaculate, you have substantial risk of both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Because it's been 10 days, you can no longer get emergency contraception (which is only effective up to 120 hours after the risk). If you're really worried, you can take a pregnancy test. Tests are accurate 10-14 days after the risk or the first day of a missed period.

If you haven't done so already, you BOTH need full STI screens. In the meantime, you need to be using condoms. Only condoms can prevent STIs.

Have you two talked about having sex? Have you talked about birth control, or what you would do if you got pregnant? These are things you NEED to talk about before engaging in any sort of sexual activity.

We have lots of articles here that you and your partner need to read through. Seriously. If you're not able to discuss all of this, and protect yourselves, you're NOT ready for sex.

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