Has My Penis Stopped Growing?

I am 23, almost 24 years old now, but when I was in 7th and 8th grade and even in 9th grade; when my schools talked about sex education, I learned that a man’s penis size is not set in stone; and will more than likely continue growing until about age 20 or so, sometimes earlier and sometime later. Regardless, the size of a man’s penis can also grow after achieving its’ ‘full’ length by how much blood is circulating within the penis at that point in time. However, as with most Junior and Senior High Schools, we never covered anything past that. I know that there is no magic pill and the only way to increase a man’s size is through painful surgery(expensive surgery that only adds anywhere from one to two inches of length once preformed). This is my problem; and as embarrassing as it is to even mention to anyone else; I feel that it needs a bit of attention, and not just for myself. Is it entirely possible for someone to mature sexually before they have finished growing? For instance: I was seven years old when I began having dreams that would make the normal teenage boy feel like he was watching a skimpy swimsuit special on TV. I was twelve years old when those dreams turned from swimsuit TV shows to something you’d find from a soft core distributor-that was also when I found out that the Pipe worked as it was intended to. I have seemed to have sped through those stages of life mentally…But physically, it seems that I have loped off several years of growth. My penis has been the same size as it’s been since I was twelve. If it has grown; I have not noticed it. Of course, I didn’t think much of it until I was in 10th grade and in the locker room at school after a Weight Lifting class I had opted for at the beginning of the semester. I was changing from my workout garb to my school garb, when a kid; shorter than me in general height, walked out of the shower and started flaunting his naked body to the whole class bragging that he had the largest Pipe in the Box. It made me wonder…Did some people mature faster than others to the point that they weren’t going to grow anymore? As stated before, I know that there are no pills or magic drugs/exercises that will enlarge someone’s penis size; but when the thought of trying to find a girlfriend who doesn’t care about the size of one’s penis makes me feel like I’m staring down the barrel of a loaded 12 gauge shotgun(something I have done before) it makes it incredibly difficult to move forward with my life. Plus, it’s not exactly something one would want to advertise about while looking for a girlfriend; you know?
Justin Hancock replies:

Hey, thanks for your question. Lots and lots of guys worry about this kind of thing so it's great that you've had the courage to ask a question about it.

You've pretty much answered your question already, to be honest, but I'll recap some of what you've said and fill in a couple of blanks here and there.

Penises gradually get longer and thicker during puberty: this phase can start in the early teens and end in the twenties. Some people start earlier, some start later, and some people finish this process earlier than others; others finish it later. Physical development can happen slowly and gradually and/or quickly in 'spurts'. Your penis may well have grown gradually over this period without you noticing.

The most reliable and robust studies suggest that the average length of an erect adult human penis is 5.1 inches to 5.7 inches (12.9 cm to 14.5 cm). (For more about average penis size this piece from Cory Silverberg is excellent. The majority of members are around that size, but that's an average, and like all averages, it means there are also loads of people with penises which are bigger or smaller than that.

In rare cases, a difference in fetal development or physical/chemical makeup means that someone has a very, very small penis, which can be treated with hormones after birth or around puberty, more on this here. If you feel this may apply to you, please consider seeing a healthcare practitioner.

The size of a person's erect penis can vary a little depending on (for example) how sexually aroused that person is or how warm/cold the temperature of the room is. Penis size varies from member to member much more when they are soft than when they're hard. Penises that are smaller when soft tend to increase in length and thickness when they get hard much more than penises that are bigger when soft. Ever heard the terms 'grower' or 'show-er'.

Example: the guy you saw after your weightlifting class would probably have been a 'show-er', that is, his penis was probably showing its full length in its flaccid state (I'm assuming he was soft) so when he gets hard he will probably not be bigger.

When guys compare themselves to other guys they are usually comparing soft penises and they vary in size much more than hard penises. Also, when you were looking at the guy in the changing room you were probably looking at the full length of his penis. Ever looked at your penis in a full length mirror? Ever notice that your penis looks bigger than when you look down on it from your point of view?

Whilst I'm talking about comparing, guys sometimes also compare (either knowingly or without them realising) their penis size to the guys they see in porn: please please please remember that one of the qualifications for being a porn performer is having a bigger than average penis, mmkay? (Surprisingly, one of the requirements is not a GCSE in Drama).

As you say there aren't any magic pills, stretching methods or surgical procedures that are clinically proven to extend penis size. There are, however, a couple of tips and tricks to feel more comfortable about your soft penis size for when you're in changing room situations. For more on that I made this video.

You said that your penis works fine. I'm assuming that you are able to enjoy touching it and that it gives you pleasure, if so, great! You should know that even any size penis, including those under average, can potentially bring pleasure when you have sex with someone, both to you and your partner. For instance if you plan on having vaginal sex, the most sensitive part of the vagina is just an inch or two from the opening (on the upper wall of the vagina, behind the clitoris). FYI, most people with vaginas can't have an orgasm from just vaginal sex, no matter how big the penis.

You should also know that even having a big penis doesn't guarantee that your partner will enjoy having sex with you. Just like any size penis can potentially be pleasurable to a partner, any size penis also may not offer a partner pleasure. That's about a lot of things, but mostly about the fact that whether or not a sexual partner experiences pleasure tends to have very little to do with anyone's penis. Good sexual partners are caring, sharing, good listeners, good talkers and see their brain as being the most important sexual organ.

So to sum up so far: your penis has probably stopped growing, but it is probably around average size. Having an average or bigger than average penis (or any penis) doesn't mean you or your sex partner are going to enjoy sex more.

Now to the stuff about girlfriends: would you go out with someone because you heard that they had amazing genitals? No? Thought not.

Women that are interested in men don't go out with them just because they think they have a big penis. Simple as. Can you imagine a relationship where someone was only interested in the other person's genitals? Would that be someone that you'd be interested in anyway, even if you had a penis of blue whale dimensions? Penises make terrible boyfriends. They aren't great at making conversation or making someone laugh, or giving hugs or compliments: they also have rubbish taste in music and have awful table manners.

If you think women are going to go out with/not go out with a feller because of their genitals then a) you should actually talk to some women (clue: women want very similar things to men from relationships), or b) you should think about what else you bring to the table other than your penis.

If you spent a bit more time thinking about the rest of you rather than just your penis you might start to feel a bit more comfortable in your own skin.

It's got a couple of resources on there for you to think about what kind of person you are, why people like about you, what makes you attractive to other people, why people like seeing you. It's not your penis that gets you a girlfriend, it's all this stuff. It's also an opportunity for you to think about what you want from a partner.

You are way more concerned about your penis size than any other future girlfriends would be. Please try to believe this.

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