Can I get pregnant from this lubrication?

My boyfriend and I were having sex and he let out some lubrication. Is it possible for me to get pregnant? I'm not worried, I'm just curious.
Susie replies:

In short, yes, that lubrication can result in pregnancy.

Penises release special fluid during sexual arousal in order to lubricate and neutralize the inside of the urethra (the duct in the penis where urine and sexual fluids are released). This helps assist the sperm as they make their exit during ejaculation. While this lubricating fluid isn't the same stuff as semen, it can help flush any sperm that were lingering in the urethra. If those sperm are flushed out of the urethra and into your vagina, they can swim up to the egg and fertilize it.

Not only can this lubricating fluid (which is made in a structure called the Cowper's gland) result in unintended pregnancy, it can also carry bacteria and other germs, thus spreading STIs. If you and your partner haven't been checked for STIs lately, now is a good time to get tested. Teens only make up 25% of all sexually active people, but they make up more than half of all new STI cases. In the future, using a condom during sex can prevent this lubrication (as well as other fluids) from getting inside you. Condoms are the best way to prevent STIs and pregnancy.

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