Are pantiliners bad news?

Last year when I went to the gynecologist I was told that I shouldnt wear pantiliners on a regular day-to-day basis because it can cause chaffing. But I find that I tend to get "wet" often, even when I am not sexually aroused. Sometimes it could be when I am exercising or on a hot day or for (seemingly) no reason at all. Is there anything I could do about it? It's not the most comfortable feeling to walk around with damp underwear and I am afraid that when my mom does the laundry (I only live with her half of the time, so I can't always do my own) she will assume that I am participating in sexual activities when I'm not.
Heather Corinna replies:

Did your GYN say that because they were SEEING chafing?

In other words, do you feel chafed? Are you experiencing chafing?

If you're not, and the pantiliners are working for you, it's fine to use them. Mind, commercial pantiliners do often have bleaches and the like that aren't so vulva-friendly, so I would suggest switching to organics or, better still, to washable pantiliners -- both for your pocketbook, the planet, and your comfort.

But if you're not having a problem, there really isn't a problem here. : they're part of your fertility cycle and also part of how your vagina cleans itself. So, that's nothing to feel ashamed of. But all people with vaginas have different comfort levels with discharges, and if you feel more comfortable wearing a liner, and the liners aren't causing you problems, no need to do anything else.

Know, though, that your Mom has those same discharges, so her assuming you were sexually active because you had discharges like any other person with a vagina does would be pretty bizarre. Plus, a person who is sexually active won't have discharges that are any different than a person who is not.

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