After orgasm

Anonymous asks:
After I climax I feel tingly all over. It's like I'm paralyzed, especially in my hands and arms. I can barely move and it takes me a couple of minutes to calm down and perform regular tasks like getting this normal?
Heather Corinna replies:


Understand that orgasm isn't really a genital event: rather, it's a whole body event, one that takes place primarily in your nervous system and cardiovascular system, but which we feel effects of in our genitals as well, and which genital sex often causes.

So, your heart rate goes up during arousal and orgasm, your sensory nerve endings get all tweaked, your muscles tighten and contract -- it's a LOT that's going on in your body.

When orgasm is finished, there is a stage of resolution, in which your body is getting itself back to normal and recuperating. For some people, or sometimes, they may feel the way they did before arousal and orgasm within a few minutes, and for others, or at other times, it can even take a couple of hours.

One of the nicest things about orgasm is that deep feeling of relaxation, a sort of full-body buzz and well-being afterwards, so give yourself some time to enjoy it!

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