A tear "down there"

My boyfriend and I were messing around, and I got a tiny cut or tear "down there," and it's a little uncomfortable, especially when I urinate. Is there anything over the counter than can clear it up?
Heather Corinna replies:

Most topical antibiotics state on the label that they aren't to be used on mucous membranes, alas. But you can certainly check the label on any topical antibiotics you have around the house to see.

So, with a genital injury -- I'm assuming you mean you have an injury around your vaginal opening? -- just giving it time to heal is your best bet. It is safe to put a little 100% aloe vera gel on the injury: that helps both with healing and can soothe the area, and you might also find that just soaking in the tub (sans bubbles) is a helper. You'll want to avoid genital sex until it heals, too, and also be sure you're wearing comfortable, loose clothing.

If you're menstruating when you have any vaginal abrasions or injuries, ditch tampons, too: it's better to use pads (washable or disposable), when you have an injury, since a) tampons rob the vagina of moisture and b) the fibers in tampons are abrasive, and could also contribute to an infection at the site.

In the future, just be sure that:

  • You're not being so rough to the point that you injure yourself,
  • You're communicating with your partner about what feels good so that HE isn't too rough, either,
  • You're using a good lubricant generously for genital sex, as needed, and
  • You're only engaging in genital sexual activities when you're really aroused already.

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