A matter of taste

Is there anything that can make me taste better down "there"? I know that pineapple is supposed to make it taste better but I'm allergic so thats not an option. My boyfriend doesn't complain or anything about the taste, and he will still go down on me but I want to make it as less gross for him as possible. Is there anything else I could start eating or taking that will make me taste better?
Heather Corinna replies:

So long as you're in good general and sexual health, there's no reason your genitals WOULD taste bad. Too, giving you oral sex shouldn't be something you even need to worry about being gross for your boyfriend: if you're not pressuring him to do so, and he's willingly and with enjoyment engaging in oral sex with you, there's no reason to assume it's in any way gross.

Know, too, that as of now, absolutely none of the folk legends about eating this thing or that to change the taste of sexual fluids - especially vaginal fluids, which are rather different than sexual fluids from the penis -- have been proven as having any validity whatsoever. Rather than focusing on eating this wacky thing or that one, the better thing to do is to simply be sure that you're eating healthy foods and a balanced diet: that's even more important for your general health, which should take priority over fluid taste anyway.

The other thing to do is to just be sure to take good care of your sexual health and your genitals. Being sure to get those yearly gynecologist exams and STI screenings, which you need regdardless, can clue you in to if you're in sound sexual health or not. Often, when scent or taste is NOT right, it's because a person has an imbalance of infection, and often, when that's the case, you need treatment to safeguard your health, not just your taste or appearance. You can help prevent those infections by being sure to use gentle cleansers and only clean externally, avoid douching, wear undergarments made of natural fibers and you can also help out by ditching commercial tampons and switching to all cotton tampons, a menstrual cup or washable pads. And if you feel self-conscious before receptive oral sex, a shower or bath is also always an option.

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