• Sam Wall

There's a short answer and a long answer to your question. The short answer is: yes, someone can enjoy "feminine" things like make-up or dresses and still be a feminist. We don't have a dress code you have to follow to be part of the club. The long answer is that there are many reasons why you, and...

  • Mo Ranyart

It is absolutely okay to watch Crazy, Stupid Love (which is actually mostly about men in the first place!) or any other "chick flick" or romantic comedy that catches your eye or interest. Some types of movies are marketed more towards men or women, but that doesn't mean people of other genders can't...

  • Heather Corinna

What our identity is in terms of our gender isn't about what someone else decides or presumes--it's up to us to reflect on our experiences and feelings about who are are on the inside, and to label that (or choose not to label it) in whatever way feels true to us as individuals. What feels right and...