• Sarah Biette

Fat folks have unique needs when it comes to body care and we often aren’t ever taught what those needs are. This guide is here to help fix that. It’s here to walk you through some of the starting steps I took for myself that revolutionized the way I cared for my fat body, especially my skin.

  • Sam Wall

Maybe you’ve noticed: there’s been a shift in how people and movements that are anti-trans present themselves. I’m going to go over some of the clues that a resource or person’s only concern is directing people away from trans-affirming care and towards harmful, anti-trans spaces or approaches.

  • Heather Corinna
  • Lynn Ponton

Considering counseling or think you or a friend might benefit from some therapy? Here's a basic introduction and a shared conversation with adolescent therapist and author Dr. Lynn Ponton to clue you in on what to expect from the couch.