Spotlight on Scarleteen: Message Board Bonanza

Have you been to the message boards lately?

If that's a yes, then you know about all the great content and discussions there are to join in on. If it's a no, then there's no better time than now to click over there, check things out, and add your piece!

The message boards provide a platform to not only address specific concerns but also post in threads about your experiences, share Scarleteen-related information from outside sources, and just chat with a purpose with some friendly folks from around the world.

Here are some discussions -- old and new -- that you may find interesting to read. You might even find yourself so inspired to join in, which is great because we'd love to have you!

Body, Soul, Sexuality

The best things YOU do for your body and soul!
Experiences With Therapy
Anxiety Busters
Starting college or university this Fall and looking for some support?
Birth Control Experiences (Quick Reference)

Partners, Parents, and Other People

Post-Breakup Helps
Meeting People Online
The Venting Room: Tell Adults to Stuff It
First Dates and Expectations
Are you/have you been in foster care?

Here and Queer

Why Come Out? Why Not?
Looking for support in accepting LGBT friends, family and partners?
Caster Semenya
Your favourite Queer films?

Getting Involved and Giving Back!

We need more volunteers!

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