Want to win some butt-kicking prizes and fund Scarleteen at the same time?

We are just two months away from our twenty-fifth birthday. That’s right: twenty-five freaking YEARS of creating and providing queer⁠ , radical, inclusive, accurate, and accessible sex⁠ ed, which we intend to continue doing for many years into the future!

But that future is not guaranteed by our dedication and determination alone. In fact, without your help this month , we’re sorry to tell you that we’re going to have a very hard time sustaining the organization, website and its services as they are now. None of us want that, so let’s do something about it!

If you’re thinking “Say no more, I’m ready to become a donor right away ” you can click here to start a recurring donation. Otherwise keep reading and let us tell you about our epic raffle .

Firstly, it starts now: right now!

Thanks to a collection of truly awesome people, and the 60+ prizes they’ve generously donated, we are able to offer a raffle that’s quadruple the size of last years'. To give all those awesome prizes the time to shine which they deserve, we’re spreading it over four weeks.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Each week will have a different theme based on the prizes being offered that week. Ticket sales open when prizes are announced each Monday at 8 AM PST and close when winners are drawn each following Sunday at 8 PM PST.
  • Tickets start at just $5 for prizes worth up to $300, in weeks one to three.
  • In our fourth - and fanciest - week, tickets start at $10, for big ticket items worth up to $750 and beyond.
  • We also have deals on multi-ticket purchases open to everyone, and a ‘buy one get one’ deal on up to 5 tickets, open to all new and existing recurring donors.
  • Prizes include national or international shipping unless the listing states otherwise.
  • A generous donor has offered a match of up to $5000 for all the funds we raise with both raffle tickets and donations during the raffle!

Week One - Sexy!

October 16th to 22nd

This first week is going be the sexiest - literally - with all these sex-themed prizes!

Week Two - Treat Yourself!

October 23rd to 29th

The second week is all about pleasure and self-care! Includes goodies from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Peridot Robes, tarot readings, straight-razor shaving lessons (seriously), and other prizes to enrich your daily life.

Week Three - Books, Art and More

October 30th to November 5th

This weeks prizes are all about books, art, and other delights for your home. We’ll have beautifully queer bags from Nerdy Keppie, custom art and illustration pieces, bundles of signed books from queer writers, and more!

Week Four - Big Ticket Items!

November 6th to 12th

We’ll wrap up the raffle with some big prizes! We’ve got a three night stay in Santa Fe, consultations from feminist heavyweights to help get your next project off the ground, sex counseling and coaching from the best in the biz, an all-access pass to Pleasure Mechanics, and other cool prizes we can’t wait to show you!

In the spirit of celebration–and being around another twenty-five years – we’re counting on ticket purchases and other donations in the next month to help us raise some much needed funds and provide plenty of encouragement for new donors to come onboard.

If you don’t have money to put towards a ticket, sharing the raffle is a huge help to us, especially while any mention of sexuality is bound to suppress our posts on social media! And again, if you’d rather skip the raffle and make a direct donation, you can do so here . We are in dire need of more recurring donors: a recurring donation of just ten or twenty dollars a month goes a long way towards helping us keep the lights on.

Regardless of how you help, we remain incredibly grateful for our community of donors, friends, and supporters.

Heather, Jacob, and Sam