Spotlight on Scarleteen: Be Prepared, not Scared!

Soup’s on!

Head chef at Scarleteen Heather Corinna has cooked up yet another tasty new article for you: Chicken Soup for the Pregnancy Symptom Freakout's Soul.

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The Recipe for Distress:

Who: You (or your girlfriend or your best friend or your sister or that random woman over there...)

What: Are concerned / worried / scared / convinced and freaked out that you might be pregnant.

Where: The fear can strike anywhere: In the school cafeteria, on the bus ride home, at a friend’s sleepover, during softball practice, etc.

When: Anytime after having some sort of sexual activity.

Why: You used some form of reliable birth control properly but you just have a hunch you could/should/would be pregnant.

How: You notice one or more of these symptoms: A missed, lighter, or shorter menstrual period than usual; breast tenderness or enlargement; nipple sensitivity; frequent urination; feeling unusually tired; nausea and/or vomiting; feeling bloated; cramps; increased or decreased appetite; feeling more emotional than usual.

The Dose of Reality:

But sometimes maybe it really is something harmless and totally unrelated: because that spoiled spinach really can make you, well, toss your tossed salad. Yeah, you really can get that nervous before a test. And staying up all night for two days straight does eventually catch up with you.

The Details:

The article intends to help you relax and realize why you’re probably not pregnant. It also gives some tips on how to avoid pregnancy, explains what so-called surefire pregnancy signs can actually be, provides advice on buying home pregnancy kits, shows why OD-ing on internet self-diagnosis can be bad, and tells you what to do should you indeed be pregnant.

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