Spotlight on Scarleteen: Two new articles!

If you’re a regular at the main site, you may have already seen these two new articles: An Immodest Proposal by Heather Corinna and Let's Get Metaphysical: The Etiquette of Entry by CJ Turett and Heather Corinna. But if you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out yet, here’s a brief introduction to both.

Once upon a time, revisited and revamped.

Heather Corinna’s article, An Immodest Proposal, excerpted from the 2008 anthology, Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape, is a modern-day fractured fairy tale about first-time sex-- revisited and revamped!

If Heather were to moonlight as a song lyricist, instead of saying a half-hearted “Oops!”, pop princess Britney Spears would be singing, “Yea, I did it again… and can’t wait to do it again and again!” In her Proposal, Heather conjures up an ideal sexual world that is not just free of rape and violence against women, but one where women and girls are free to express desire and initiate fulfilling sexual experiences. An Immodest Proposal is sure to inspire and empower with its mudluscious imagery, tasty wording, and homage to fist-pumping 80’s power ballads. To borrow from ACDC, for those about to rock sexual stereotypes and shake traditional gender roles all lifelong, we salute you! And for those about to read, we encourage you!

Let’s get deep, both literally and figuratively.

When you hear the word etiquette, you may think of old-school guru Miss Manners telling you to always say “Please, Thank-You and You’re Welcome!” or you may hear a nagging voice at the dinner table telling you to chew with your mouth closed and say “Excuse me!” when you burp. However annoying that may be in practice or antiquated at some point, the basic idea behind etiquette is timeless: Etiquette helps us feel comfortable in our various social surroundings. People may not think of cracking open an old manners book before sex, but what is sex other than an intense social interaction where you and yours want to be as comfortable as possible?!

Fingering, fellatio, anal sex and vaginal intercourse-- talk about very up-close-and-personal interactions where you’re really opening yourself up to others! While you may not be able to turn to the original Miss Manners for advice here, but you know you can rely on Scarleteen. We now have our very own shiny and brand-new online sexual etiquette guide, written just for you by Sexpert CJ Turett and Scarleteen Founder and Director Heather Corinna. When you talk about personal space, many, many forms of partnered sex are quite up close and personal. In fact, a large part of sex is physically entering someone else’s body, their personal space, their realm; it can be amazing and awe-inspiring or just flat-out uncomfortable. For hints for enjoying more of the former than the latter as well as loads of introspective ideas to wrap your head around, please join us in getting metaphysical!

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