ANNOUNCING Spotlight on Scarleteen! already offers a lot to its users: extensive articles galore, diverse resources, and countless chances to get personalized help. In fact, if you were to compare Scarleteen to something culinary, it could be a virtual Smörgåsbord of sorts, an all-you-can-eat buffet with the availability of a 24-hour convenience store.

You might divide the many courses that Scarleteen serves up as follows: The articles are the main course, the meat– or tofu– and potatoes whereas the message boards offer second, third and fourth helpings. Sexpert Advice is a dessert bar, and links to outside resources are a bit like recipes to try out later. The Scarleteen blog is hors d’oeuvres, offering appetizing snacks of what’s to come and finger food to go. As for the creators and cooks, Scarleteen Director and Designer Heather Corinna is the head chef, and volunteers are both waiters, delivering the information to your table, as well as cooks adding their unique mixtures to the brew.

You already have the final product at Scarleteen, the articles and advice that make up the collective pièce de résistance delivered piping hot to your seat. Now here’s a chance to look behind-the-scenes to see what’s being cooked up, and get to know its creators – right here at the Scarleteen blog. So, without further ado, we would like to announce to you: Spotlight on Scarleteen!

Spotlight on Scarleteen will be a new blog feature that helps users get to know the site and the people behind it better, recognizing the committed volunteers and introducing you to new and lesser-known content.

Here are some things you can look for:

  • You see regular article updates on the main page, but did you know that many more articles are frequently added? Spotlight on Scarleteen will help bring some of those to your attention.
  • If you’re a regular at the message boards, you probably have a few favorite forums– perhaps you even regularly add or start new ones. We will be highlighting popular and up-and-coming threads as well as their contributors– you just might see your name mentioned here!
  • You probably know many ST volunteers by their names and their helpful advice and feedback. They’re a diverse bunch and active not only on the boards but beyond as well. Here’s a chance to get to know them better and even ask questions of your own.

You will see contributions by and/or interviews with the following people and more: Abbie is an equine major who comes from the home state of Ben and Jerry. Alice is inspirational young mom who hails from the Pacific Northwest; Courtenay is based in British Columbia and hopes to make her love for dogs into a career as a Vet Tech. Jacob is an engineering student living in Leeds, UK; not one for emphasis on labels, he offers an introspective take on topics like sexual orientation, while being one of the few male volunteers at Scarleteen. Joey is a grad student who currently calls Germany her home but never leaves her Buffy collection behind during all those moves; Lauren recently traded sunny southern California for the Nordic terrain of Finland. Maggie is an awesome, all-around helper, and you will also be hearing more from orca, who will be generously lending a hand. Last but not least, Véro spends her time offline reading books, doing Aikido, and studying social sciences in Canada.

Our first message board feature will spotlight users sounding off on Sexual Milestones and our first article highlight will be on Going the Distance on how to make long-distance relationships work. If you would like to recommend any articles or message boards threads for us to highlight here, we would appreciate it. If you have any specific questions for volunteers, we’d love to hear those, too. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!

For an automatically updating index of Spotlight on Scarleteen feature interviews, highlighted threads, and showcased articles, click here!


I don't know if this counts as an article, but I really liked Heather's response to this one question one girl had sent in along the lines of "Why is male sexuality so repulsive to me? Am I just too feminist?" I show it to my friends whenever they make blanket statements about half the population.