The FDA thinks you're stupid.

Not only has the FDA yet AGAIN delayed a ruling on over-the-counter access for emergency contraception with a completely bogus excuse, they've made clear that they have NO plans to make it OTC for one of the groups which need it over the counter the most: young adult women.

From National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy:

The National Organization for Women calls on women's health advocates to join in a National Day of Action on Tuesday, August 30, protesting the decision by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding emergency contraception (EC).

Today's announcement by the FDA, on Women's Equality Day no less, is insulting on so many levels that I hardly know where to begin.

First, FDA commissioner Lester Crawford lied to the United States Senate to achieve his confirmation to this post. Senators Patty Murray and Hillary Clinton had put a hold on his nomination, and released their hold (thus enabling his confirmation) after his absolute assurance that the FDA would finally make a decision on non-prescription availability of emergency contraception by September 1.

Second, despite years of study, despite strong support from the FDA's professional staff, despite extensive public hearings and commentary, and despite the near-unanimous recommendations of not one but two FDA advisory panels, this newly appointed Commissioner has again delayed women's access to emergency contraception (EC)