Qlife (AUS)

Webchat and voice call: 3pm to 12 midnight, every day of the week.

Powered by people Australia wide, talk to an LGBTIQ+ Peer. The QLife family includes hundreds of highly experienced LGBTIQ+ staff and volunteers Australia-wide.

The Qlife service is for LGBTIQA+ identifying people and those who have questions or concerns about LGBTIQA+ issues. We also welcome contact from people who may not be LGBTIQA+ but who want to talk about someone else they care about. This includes families, friends, teachers and co-workers of LGBTIQA+ people.

You are invited to explore any issue including referrals, community connections, thoughts and feelings around sexual orientation⁠ and/or gender identity⁠ . All conversations are confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental.

Please note that clinical intervention, therapy and case management are outside the scope of this services.

Phone Number
1800 184 527