Gender Spectrum: Gender-Inclusive Health Education

Established in 2006, Gender Spectrum emerged as a response to the limited resources and support available for families and educators interacting with gender⁠ -expansive children and teens. They began as the first national transgender⁠ parent support group and quickly expanded to offer the first trainings for California elementary and pre-schools transgender & gender-expansive children. One year later in 2007, Gender Spectrum incorporated after creating the first Family Conference for caregivers of gender-diverse children & teens. Today, their work continues to expand nationally and internationally, serving 48 states, DC, and 15 countries.


They recognized the urgent need for comprehensive resources, education, and support for professionals, families, and communities navigating the complexities of gender identity⁠ and expression. Over the years, they have advocated for gender-inclusive policies and practices, worked closely with professionals to enhance their understanding and skills, and empowered families with the knowledge and support they need.