The African American Roundtable at CLGS (AART)

The African American Roundtable at CLGS (AART) seeks the full inclusion of black lesbian⁠ , gay⁠ , bisexual⁠ , queer⁠ and transgender⁠ people in communities of faith and the mobilization of black communities of faith in support of social justice⁠ for LGBTQ⁠ people by fostering dialogue about the intersections between faith, gender⁠ and sexuality among black church and faith leaders (including scholars of religion), among black church congregations, among black LGBTQ persons and between each of these constituencies.

The AART hosts live workshops, symposiums and panel discussions throughout the country, each with the intent to foster healthy dialog in the African American community and in Black Churches.  The goals are: 1) to train clergy and lay leaders in effective communication⁠ skills for the purpose of having open and honest discussion about sexuality and homophobia⁠ in their church or community 2) to offer resources and support in addressing social justice issues related to LGBT⁠ matters via the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry 3) to hold events and create ongoing dialog through web based training, social media, blogging and articles.

United States