Using lubricant without condoms

embarrassed :/
this is kind of an embarrassing question... but how do you use lubricant if you're not using a condom? i know its a really stupid question and i should probably know how to do it but i don't please help :/
David replies:

Hi Embarrassed,

Hey, don't be embarrassed! The easiest way to use lube is to put a little puddle in the palm of your hand and then use your hand to spread it over... well... where ever you'd like to lubricate. Depending on the kind of lube you can also squeeze, drip, or pour it instead. If you're using lubrication to make inserting your penis into something easier then you can put it right on the penis or toy and/or you can spread it outside or inside your partner.

There isn't a "right way" to use it and there's not really even a wrong way! You can experiment on your own, or, of course, with a partner. Add more if you want more, and maybe use a cleanup cloth to wipe away anything that seems like too much.

Oh yeah, and if you're mostly used to using lubrication with condoms, remember it's just as much fun to use before or instead of intercourse.

p.s. All this assumes you've got a good reason for not using a condom. If you don't have a very good reason not to then, of course, use one!

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