Pelvic pain after intercourse

I am married for last one and half months. I and my husband were virgins till marriage. I am experiencing pain in my lower abdomen after intercourse. It will stay for one hour and it will go automatically. We use protection during sex. I have history of irregular period. I have also missed last month period. I have done pregnancy test at home twice but got negative result both the times. What can be the problem? Can I be pregnant even if test is negative?
Heather Corinna replies:

So long as you know -- not just by guessing, but via regular, complete reproductive health exams -- that you're in sound reproductive health, and so long as that abdominal pain is really only showing up after intercourse, the most likely culprit for that symptom would simply be that you're not reaching orgasm from partnered sex. Pelvic pain after intercourse isn't a symptom of pregnancy.

In the same way some men will get "blue balls," women can (and often do) experience a similar sensation. When you get sexually aroused, blood circulates in the genitals and pelvis. Usually, when a person reaches orgasm, or feels physically/sexually satisfied (not just emotionally satisfied) after sex, everything will settle down there in fairly short order. But if someone doesn't, that vasocongestion can hang on for a little bit, which in people with vulvas, can cause discomfort in the pelvis and/or vulva.

So, if the only sex you're having is vaginal intercourse and that isn't doing the trick for you when it comes to orgasm -- which would be normal, as intercourse alone doesn't for a majority of people with vulvas, then it's time to have a chat with your husband about making sure that sex is really about both of you, emotionally AND physically. You may also need to let him in on what DOES satisfy you and get you to orgasm, and if you don't know that yourself, then both alone and with your husband, it's time to do some sexual exploration to find out.

If this is not the issue, or you're still having this pain even when you reach orgasm, and/or you're having deep pelvic pain at other times, then it's time to check in with your doctor/reproductive healthcare provider. If you've never done that, especially with you also having a history of menstrual irregularities, I'd advise you to go have a visit and an exam.

In case this is about orgasm and vasocongestion, here are a couple of links for you:

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