Masturbate smarter, not harder

i am a boy, 17, and obsessed with masturbation. i do it more when i'm home alone. sometimes my penis hurts. but i think the reason i do it so much is that i don't get enough pleasure. sometimes the fluid just runs out and i don't feel a thing. also, i tend to feel tired. please help!
Jhames replies:

Masturbation is an obsession for almost every guy on the planet, bigjo, I have friends who will masturbate as much as six times a day. I'm not saying you should compare how many times you masturbate with other guys, but running the numbers helps even the playing field--in other words, you're okay. When you masturbate isn't a concern, rather it's how.

When the fluid runs out, that's your body's way of saying "hey, we need some downtime to make magic happen!" If you want to increase your semen count, make sure you get enough zinc in your diet by eating lots of legumes (beans), nuts, certain seafood (oysters), and whole grains. DON'T take any supplements, at your age you shouldn't consume more than 11mg of zinc daily. Most importantly, drink plenty of water, sleep at least 7 hours a night, and exercise often. A healthy, balanced diet can help your body replenish its fluids a lot easier than masturbating between snacking on toaster strudel.

If masturbation causes pain, you should use lubrication to help reduce the friction. If you're uncomfortable buying lubrication at a grocery store, Husker's Corn Lotion is a great alternative that is readily available in the moisturizer section. You don't need a lot of lube, just enough to keep the friction to a minimum. When you masturbate with lube, try using both hands to focus on different areas. Stroke your shaft with one hand and stroke your head with the other. Cup your hands together and stroke them over your head and shaft. Change up your methods so you don't "burn out" on rubbing one out.

Practice masturbation up until you feel yourself about to come, then let your body relax for a minute. Resume masturbation without letting yourself come. This practice allows you to extend your masturbation sessions, a way to slow yourself down and get the most out of masturbation.

Remember this simple rule for masturbation: fun, always; painful, never.

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