How long will it take a boy to ejaculate?

How long will it take a boy to ejaculate?
Susie replies:

That depends on the boy and the nature of the stimulation. Younger males will reach orgasm much faster than older males, all other things equal. Younger males also have a much shorter refractory period than older males. That means after he has completed orgasm, ejaculation and resolution, a younger guy will need less time to get back in the proverbial saddle compared to another man several years his senior. Adolescent and young adult males produce more testosterone than older men, and this accounts for their development and libido.

With all that said, with intense sexual stimulation, a young guy can ejaculate in a matter of 2 to 5 minutes. But if the stimulation is less intense, or if he pauses a few times, ejaculation can be delayed for a while longer. One other way to delay ejaculation is to ejaculate ahead of time. The first orgasm of the day is usually faster and more intense than the orgasms that come later. It's common and totally normal for sexual intercourse to last less than fifteen minutes for a young male.

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