The Pro-Choice Public Education Project

PEP's mission is to engage young women on their terms about reproductive freedom, and to develop a generation of young leaders with a new approach to choice. Below are some targeted links to help direct you in your search for information on how to mobilize your community locally, or simply get more involved in pro-choice activism. On these pages you will find targeted factsheets and 'zines, links to some popular pro-choice blogs and websites, and information on how to intern with your favorite feminist groups.

The tagline "Recognize your strength. Recognize your power. Recognize your potential. Take care of yourself." speaks directly to the complex realities that many young women of color face today. They worry about HIV/AIDS and their lack of health insurance, demonstrate a fierce self-determination to take control of their lives, and want to start families someday. Using the findings of our "She Speaks" research report, we created these messages and accompanying images as a way to elevate the concerns of young women, and to put their aspirations front and center in the struggle for reproductive freedom.

This campaign focuses around three main issues:

• Our orange "My People" image emphasizes community and the control that a woman has over her own body in relation to the people around her.

• Our blue "Mind. Body. Soul." image emphasizes maternal health and well being, and higlights motherhood as a positive and inspiring responsibility that many young women look forward to.

• Our green "Keep On Living." image recognizes that young women see their reproductive health on a spectrum with other concerns such as lack of healthcare, HIV/AIDS and general well-being.

We hope that the Recognize! campaign will increase outreach to young Latino and African American women, and encourage activism on these issues within the broader reproductive rights movement. In addition, we hope this campaign inspires young women to focus on the things they can control and build a powerful sense of reproductive self-determinationheight=640]