Ghost asks:
I'm asexual, so it doesn't bother me too much, but I do like to pleasure others sexually. I am nonbinary, and I have found that I have very low, almost no sensitivity (for pleasure, at least) in my vaginal area, breasts, or most skin. My sexual partner says I have such a small clitoris that neither of us can find it, and suggests that is why I can only feel one specific spot inside my vagina (?). I was wondering if this could be true, or if there is another explanation.
Anonymous asks:
Okay so I'm a 15 year-old girl and a virgin. I've never had a boyfriend or anything. My family's a bit Catholic and I plan to stay a virgin until I find the right person. But I kinda feel like I'm sexually frustrated and I've been thinking about sex a lot. I recently just started watching porn but I don't feel like masturbating. It's not like I don't wanna do it, but it just feels weird. Plus, I barely have privacy in my house, but I can't stop thinking about sex and I want it to stop.
Anonymous asks:
I’ve seen a lot of people post about COVID-19: how to avoid it, mostly, especially with limited interaction with people. I know this reduces the change of the virus spreading. I know I’m healthy but there are people I live with who are both elderly and immune compromised and I would not want anything happening to them. I know this will likely be temporary and my life will get back to somewhat of a norm without a pandemic hovering over my head. However I noticed that I’m becoming lonely. Extremely lonely. I graduate this semester and have made friends since I first started school.
G asks:
I'm a lesbian and I've had a girlfriend since last year. Things were going great, but now he's my boyfriend, L. I don't have an issue with L being trans at all, but I don't feel anything for him anymore and I don't feel comfortable dating him if he's not a woman (or at least woman-aligned). I don't want to hurt his feelings since he's having trouble being accepted by his parents and people at school, and I don't want us to stop being friends, but I really want to break up with him.
abril asks:
I'm a straight woman (at least I think so), and I’m generally more into guys, but I find women sexually attractive. Being in relationships with women doesn’t really appeal to me, but having sex with them does. What does that mean? Am I bisexual or is it just something like a fetish?
Anonymous asks:
There’s a guy that I like and I know he likes me back I’m just not sure how to tell him that I like him. I’ve never been asked or asked someone out before so I’m not even sure what to do. Nothing is ever as simple as TV makes it seem.
Anonymous asks:
Is there a good way to figure out if you want to have sex? Two years ago, I left a relationship in which I had sex that was extremely physically painful, in which I was shamed and blamed for that pain and he threatened to leave me if I showed any "lack of enthusiasm". Since then I have not had sex. For the past three months, I have been seeing someone new, who is deeply kind and good, and it is going well, and EXTREMELY slowly, which is great.
I've dry humped before and come from it, but have always kept at least my underwear and bra on and my boyfriend always had at least his underwear on too. We didn't go further than that - like we didn't touch each other with our hands down there over clothes or underwear. A doctor recently asked if I was sexually active. Does my experience with dry humping mean I have to say yes to that question now?
Anonymous asks:
I'm a transgender man. I wasn't able to orgasm until a few months after I started testosterone about 6 months ago. Though I've had increased arousal and can now orgasm, I feel no pleasure with it at all. I'm too embarrassed to bring it up to my doctor. The thing is, I don't particularly WANT to feel pleasure with it. I'd rather it go back to how it was before testosterone, where I rarely got aroused and could just enjoy reading erotic stories or looking at pornography without any sexual aspect.
D asks:
I’m 16 years old, and I’ve been in 3 relationships. Nothing serious - no sexual activity or true commitments or anything - but I’ve genuinely enjoyed the company of all three people I’ve been with, and I find myself thinking back fondly on memories with them. None of the three relationships have ended badly. Yet. Currently, I’m still in my third relationship, but the statement is the same: something is seriously wrong with the way I’ve felt about these people.