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Scarleteen began with direct questions from young people and continues to offer and prioritize our direct services. You can access different kinds of help from us tailored just for you, with our text service, live chat, moderated message boards, and more. We can provide all of our direct services to people age 13 and up.

IMPORTANT: By using any of our services you are agreeing to follow our user guidelines and policies. Please note that none of our services are appropriate for medical emergencies and that anyone under 13 requires parental consent to use our services. You can read more on this and how to use our direct services by clicking here.

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We also answer questions through social media either through posts to our subreddit (/r/QueerSexEdForAll) or by asking a question for our Q&As on our Instagram.

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For things like parent questions, media queries or partnership asks,  send us an email using our contact form.